iIDME Consumer Profile Management


Full KYC, Consumer Profile Management Solution for safely manage identity fraud, identity theft, qualification screening ideal for the following industries:

  • Indigent Management
  • Identity verification
  • Online Application Systems
  • Debt Collector tracing solutions
  • Free Hospital Care
  • Deceased Estate Validation
  • Property Ownership Solutions
  • Security Guard Validations
  • Criminal Check / Education and SIRA


Estate Security Management Solutions

Suitable for Office Parks, residential estates, or any other organisation who values their visitors;

  • Customization for industry specific demands, adding valuable information in operational processes;
  • Facilitating accurate and compliant record-keeping of visitors while treating their personal information responsibly;
  • Streamlining the entire process to ensure effortless and seamless contact, from registration, hosting to departure the site;
  • Creating professional experience without compromising security and the safety of your community;.
Evim Terminal
Profilte HEader

Free Basic Services / Indigent Management


It is a full multi platform KYC (Know Your Client) solution assisting Local Authorities managing the identity of their consumers.  Due to the large scale of corruption in Free Basic Services, Authorities will now be able to know:  Is my client real?