iIDME Consumer Profile Management


Full KYC, Consumer Profile Management Solution for safely manage identity fraud, identity theft, qualification screening ideal for the following industries:

  • Indigent Management
  • Identity verification
  • Online Application Systems
  • Debt Collector tracing solutions
  • Free Hospital Care
  • Deceased Estate Validation
  • Property Ownership Solutions
  • Security Guard Validations
  • Criminal Check / Education and SIRA


ID Verification Services

  • SA ID Verification Services is available for the verification of South African Citizens.
  • The application is only available for Android on Google Play store for Download
  • Assists client to verify the Identity Number of an individual ID Numbers.
  • Useful in the security industry to avoid identity fraud.
  • Also available for Finger Print Verification on selected devices, please contact us to find out more.
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ASB Grap Compliant CAAT’s / Indigent Management


Bires has just launched its new CAAT’s ASB Grap Compliant interface to it already widely use compliant Indigent management solution.

Key features include:

* National Population Register Verification

* ID Verification

* ASB CAATs Compliant

* Instant Verification Results
* Full Application Life Cycle
* Online Application Document storage and management
* Restful API’s Available
* Multi Platform from Windows 64 / 32 bit, Web Interface and Android Applications
* Full Financial Exposure Reports
* Policy Independent –  can be customized for each municipality policy