Want to know if your clients are real?!!!

The BiRES Biometric Solution is here!  We introduce the latest state of the art Biometric software to identify, qualify and rate your risk exposure.

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iIDME – Secure, safe, Reliable

Our Team

BiRES iIDMe has been emerged with the main objective of providing a secure, accurate data and boimatrix platform focusing on the optimization of the data sphere environment which includes data warehousing, quality management, processing, procurement, finalizing and evaluation of data. Founder and CEO, Corné Fourie has years of experience in designing enterprise software and data warehouse solutions and we currently the owns of one of the biggest company and individual data warehouses in South Africa. Due to the rising cyber and online fraud, we have designed iIDMe just to do that. With the latest Biometric early warning fraud detection system we can eliminate just that.


iIDMe can be used in the following industries:

Free Hospital Care

Indigent Management Systems

Online-Application Systems

Social Services

ID Number Validation

Deceased Estate Validation

Tracking and tracing

Biometric Comparison



Corné Fourie

Founder and CEO


Ryan McCabe

Systems Director

iIDMe™ is a Biometric anti fraud Consumer Risk Management Solution that assists Local Authorities in managing consumer risk profiles.  The solution concentrates in the free basic services sectors such as:

·        Indigent Management

·        Free Basic Health Care (Clinics)

·        New Account Applications

It is a full multi-platform KYC (Know Your Client) solution assisting Local Authorities managing the identity of their consumers.  Due to the large scale of corruption in Free Basic Services, Authorities will now be able to know:  Is my client real? 

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