What We Do

The BiRES Biometrix Solution is here!  We introduce the latest state of the Art Biometrix Software Solution to Identify, Qualify and rate your Risk exposure.

BiRES iIDME has been emerged with the main objective of providing a secure, accurate data and Biometrix Enterprise Platform focusing on the optimization of the data mining sphere environment which include data mining, data warehousing, security management, quality management, Access Control and Fingerprint processing. BiRES currently owns one of the biggest Consumer Profile and Biometrix warehouses in South Africa optimizing various data sources to provide the latest state of the art Security and Risk Platforms in South Africa.  Due to the rising Cyber Crime, Identity Fraud and Identity Theft BiRES have designed iIDME just to prevent that.

Consumer Risk Management

iIDME is the latest generation Risk Profile Management Solution eliminating ID Fraud, Identity Theft and Know your Client Solution. IT is a total Credit Score Wrapper indicating the Risk a company or Municipality is exposed to by providing credit to a consumer or business

Indigent management Software

The only Biometrix Indigent Management Solution ASB CAAT Compliant assisting municipalities to stay complaint. It is real time, it verify applications real time and intagrate with the FMS to manage various reports such as indigent consmption management etc…

ID Verification

ID Verification Software available on Google Play Store or Download the latest Windows version for Windows 10. Ever concerned that your client identity is real, download one of these apps to assist you from ID Photo verification or fingerprint verifications


Fully integrated data mining and warehouse enterprise Baas (Back end as a Service) Solutions. Always available Rest Services Available

60 000 000

60 000 000 + Consumers on File

8 000 000

Full CIPC Database

7 000 000

Full Property Market database

42 000 000

Finger print and facial biometrix

Indigent Management
SA ID Verification
Anti Fraud KYC